It's wonderful to expose your children to all kinds of music!

Here are some videos of songs used in this session.

Here are the books read during this session.
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Thank you to the Schaumburg Library

for allowing us to offer classes in our community!

  • Ain't It Great to be Crazy0:42
  • Bee Bee Bumblebee0:17
  • Bee-Dee-Um0:29
  • Butterfly Come Play0:34
  • Come Along Everybody1:29
  • Firefly Firefly1:15
  • Flea Fly Mosquito1:09
  • Fly Ladybug Fly0:28
  • Grasshopper Bump0:13
  • Here Is the Beehive0:19
  • Lady Lullaby1:29
  • Ladybug Ladybug0:14
  • Little Arabella Miller0:29
  • Little Miss Muffet0:13
  • Little Speck O Lady0:55
  • Roly Poly Song0:33
  • Silly Sound0:34
  • Sleepy Caterpillars0:14
  • Slowly Slowly0:36
  • Spider on the Floor1:52
  • The Littlest Worm1:06
  • This Little Cricket0:27