Béla Bartók's  Romanian Dances

Based on folk songs from different regions of Romania, Bartók first composed these pieces for piano. 

Listen to the original piano version to the left or follow the musical score above as you listen to Bartók's orchestration for small ensemble.

Georges Bizet's  Farandole

Four years after his untimely death at 36, his friend Ernest Guiraud, arranged a second suite from Bizet’s original music for a play called L’arlésienne.  The Farandole brings a march and a dance together.

In this video you'll see and hear high school students from around the United States performing this music.

Aaron Copland's Hoe-Down from Rodeo

In this ballet, a Cowgirl is trying to win the heart of the Head Wrangler but in the end she wins something better, Another Cowboy who shows her kindness and respect.

Click on the Cowgirl and Cowboy to see an awesome artist's interpretation of this piece!

Now, click on Emerson Lake and Palmer

to hear their musical interpretation.

In December, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will present

"Friends In HARMONY"--a performance for students and families.

You can prepare for the concert by listening to and learning
​a little more about the music before you go!  

Leonard Bernstein's Overture to Candide

In this operetta, composed in 1956, main character Candide learns through a number of disappointing events that home and friendship are what really matter.

Watch this recording of the composer conducting his own piece in December of 1989!

Peter Tchaikovsky's  Symphony No. 4, Mvt. 2

When first performed, Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony was not well liked.  That is certainly not the case today.  

At the concert we'll only hear the beginning of this moving piece, but here you can listen to the whole thing.

A Teacher's Guide for this concert is available HERE.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's  Danse Negre

This composer wanted to integrate authentic African music into a European classical music style.  Notice the waltz-like music in the middle and the intense syncopated rhythm in the other sections. 

Enjoy listening to this exciting composition.

Alberto Ginastera's  Malambo

A malambo is a dance from Argentina in which "gauchos"  compete with each other to show who is the best dancer.  Listen for the excitement of the crowd and notice how we can practically see the solo dancers showing off!

Play the video to the right to hear this adrenaline pumping piece which will close our concert.