More Music!  Prince of Peace Preschool

​October 2017

    Session Handout

​     Session Songs & Chants

     Little Miss Muffet      Hey Diddle Diddle

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Brainstorming About Books with Music in Mind​​

​Urbana District 116 Institute February 2018

   Session Handout        Website

   Reading Connections   Books on the Big Screen

Control Your Classroom!  ILMEC 2017

    Session Handout

     Teacher Today Article

I have offered professional development on a number of topics in music education.  

You'll find materials for some of them here. 

Chicago Symphony Orchestra DOCENTS

​October 2017

    Session Handout​     Student Website

     Slideshow Support NO Sound

     Slides with Sound:  Bernstein,     Copland,     Bizet,   Tchaikovsky,    Coleridge-Taylor,    Bartok,     Ginastera


Chicago Symphony Orchestra DOCENTS

February 2018

Student Website          Docent MATERIALS


Chicago Symphony Orchestra DOCENTS

October 2018

Student Website          Workshop Handout

Multimedia materials are available on the CSO Docent Google Drive

St. Clair County Music Educator Institute

September 2018

Session Handout          CMP Plan: Star Spangled Banner         Choose a Star          Formative Assessments Strategies

Star Spangled Story SLIDESHOW Template