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Current Session

Introduce your child to Looney Tunes with "Rabbit of Seville."

Below are the books we read this session. Each is linked to Amazon.

  • Bare Back of a Donkey0:24
  • Body Part Boogie (lydian)1:10
  • Dem Bones2:07
  • Everybody Knows I Love My Toes1:05
  • Grandma's Glasses0:19
  • Hang About1:23
  • Humpty Dumpty0:11
  • Leg Over Leg0:10
  • Little Peter Rabbit1:14
  • Looby Loo1:43
  • My Name Is Joe1:51
  • No No No Yes0:22
  • Oliver Twist0:13
  • Sleep My Little One0:41
  • Ten Little Fingers0:29
  • There Was a Little Girl0:29
  • This Is the Mother0:12
  • These Are Baby's Fingers0:10
  • Toes Knees Chest Nut0:43
  • Where Is Thumbkin1:31
  • Whoops Johnny0:27
  • The Wiggle Song1:28

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In case you need help with this session's songs, you can sing along here:

It's wonderful to expose your child to all kinds of music! 
​Here are some videos of songs used in this session.