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  • Allison's Camel0:51
  • All Little Ones Are Sleeping2:17
  • The Animals Are My Friends1:28
  • Creepy Mouse0:08
  • Grizzly Bear0:33
  • The Horse Stood Around1:15
  • Hunt the Cows1:05
  • King of the Jungle0:30
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears0:36
  • Little Bo Peep0:17
  • Little Lamb0:19
  • Slow And Fast2:41
  • Sea Lion1:02
  • This Is the Way the Ladies Ride0:21
  • This Little Tiger0:23
  • The Turkey and the Duck0:14
  • Waddaly Atcha0:53
  • Willoughby Walloughby1:05
  • A Wise Old Owl0:55
  • Zoo Count0:33

It's wonderful to expose your child to all kinds of music! 

Here are some YouTube videos of songs used in this session.

Here are the books read during this session.
(Each is linked to Amazon.)