This Pretty Planet

It's wonderful to expose your child to all kinds of music!  Below you'll find classical, jazz, multicultural folk music  and even a showtune from West Side Story.

  • Aeolian Bop0:20
  • A Ram Sam Sam0:45
  • Dayenu1:02
  • Dorian Doodle0:37
  • En Roulant0:39
  • Epo I Tai0:18
  • Knock Knock0:09
  • Kobuta0:39
  • Kye Kye Kule1:23
  • London Bridge0:22
  • Many Ways to Say Hello1:20
  • Natasha's Song0:37
  • Over There0:11
  • Sasara Ang Bulaklak0:47
  • Shoheen Sho0:54
  • Two Little Horses0:09
  • Walking Shoes0:50

Here are the books I will be reading during this session.
(Each is linked to Amazon.)

Click on the singing note to download a pdf of all of the songs.

Move to music from around the world! Click to the left, then choose a country and let your body show what you hear.