In case you've forgotten our songs from this session,

you can sing along here!

  • All the Pretty Little Horses0:53
  • Baby's Face0:15
  • Color Song1:11
  • Dickory Dickory Dare0:09
  • Going and Going and Stop0:26
  • Golden Slumbers1:19
  • Gray Squirrel0:20
  • Ida Red0:27
  • In the Woods2:13
  • LIttle Lamb0:19
  • Little Mousie Brown0:20
  • Little Red Caboose1:03
  • Mayree Mack1:02
  • May There Always Be Sunshine0:21
  • Old Gray Cat1:06
  • Put Your Finger in the Air1:24
  • Someone's Wearing Black1:03
  • The Leaves Are Green0:14
  • The Little White Ponies0:27
  • Two Blackbirds0:18
  • Whoever Took My Big Black Dog0:11


Color My World

It's wonderful to expose your child to all kinds of music!  Here are two jazz performers singing songs from this session.

Click HERE to play some great classical music for your child!