In case you've forgotten our songs from this session,

you can sing along here!

Click HERE to play some great classical music for your child!

  • A Wise Old Owl0:55
  • Alison's Camel1:22
  • Furry Bear by AAMilne0:39
  • Grizzly Bear0:33
  • Hush My Little One0:51
  • Kangaroo Bounce0:16
  • King of the Jungle0:30
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears0:36
  • Little Baby Sweetly Sleep0:52
  • Look Who's Here!0:57
  • Monkey Stomps His Feet0:12
  • Mister Crocodile0:53
  • Over the Mountain-No Bears Out Tonight2:19
  • Pop Goes the Weasel0:24
  • Snake in the Grass0:23
  • The Animals Are My Friends0:29
  • The Elephant0:40
  • The Lady With the Alligator Purse1:03
  • This Is My Turtle0:14
  • This Little Tiger0:23
  • Waddaly Atcha0:53
  • Zoo Count0:33
  • Zoo Count0:33


Going to the Zoo