Just a few more songs!

Click on the carolers for a page of holiday songs you can sing along to at home!

Here are the books I will be reading during this session.

Click on the slide whistle to watch the Sponge Bob episode "Slide Whistle Stooges!" (Scroll down a bit to find it.)

Click on the singing note to download a pdf of all of the songs.

  • Be My Valentine0:17
  • Five Little Leaves1:26
  • Happy Birthday0:18
  • Holiday Fun1:18
  • I Say Stop (phrygian)0:57
  • Little Jack Horner0:26
  • Little Peter Rabbit1:14
  • Mary Wore Her Red Dress1:02
  • May There Always Be Sunshine0:21
  • Shoo Turkey0:48
  • Skin and Bones1:17
  • Sleeping Bunnies1:15
  • The More We Get Together0:23
  • The Turkey and the Duck0:14
  • This Little Elf0:22
  • Toora Loora0:37

Happy Holidays

It's wonderful to expose your child to all kinds of music!  Here is some of the repertoire we are using during this session: