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  • Baloo Baleerie0:57
  • Boo Heady0:15
  • Bumble Bee in the Barn0:15
  • Did You Ever1:06
  • Grizzly Bear0:33
  • Higglety Pigglety Pop0:10
  • Jack in the Box0:14
  • No and Yes0:43
  • Ring Around the Rosie0:37
  • Skin and Bones1:17
  • Stretch Up0:13
  • Take THAT You Flea!0:29
  • This Little Elf0:22
  • Tommy O'Flynn0:17
  • Treasure Hunt0:18
  • Twenty-four Robbers0:45
  • Willoughby Walloughby1:05


Imagine That!

In case you've forgotten our songs from this session,

you can sing along here!