We helped to tell this story using a different instrument sound for each character.

Ask your child to tell you the story of the prophet Jonah while you watch this silent film.

  • Praise Him Praise Him1:52

SEPTEMBER: Jonah and the Big Fish

Our chapel song for the year...


Ask your child to explain what "temptation" is.  We played rhythm sticks in music class setting them down and the floor and resisting the temptation to play them!


 Music Notes  2019-2020

We learned 3 ways to help save whales (and our future) by reducing our use of plastic.  Use these pictures to help you remember what they were!

We'll be listening and moving to this beautiful classical music piece by French composer Camille Saint-Saens all year. 

  • Reduce Reuse Recycle RAP0:45

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OCTOBER: Adam and Eve

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Nursery Rhymes 2019-20

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One Two Buckle My Shoe

Little Bo Peep