Color My World

Here are the books I will be reading during this session.

Here are two videos you may enjoy watching with your child.  
​Be sure to choose "Full screen" in the right hand corner!

  • All the Pretty Little Horses0:53
  • Baby's Face0:15
  • Color Song1:11
  • Going and Going and Stop0:26
  • Gray Squirrel0:20
  • Little Lamb0:19
  • Little Mousie Brown0:20
  • Little Red Caboose1:03
  • Mayree Mack1:02
  • May There Always Be Sunshine0:21
  • Old Gray Cat1:06
  • Someone's Wearing Black1:03
  • The Leaves Are Green0:14
  • The Little White Ponies0:27
  • Two Blackbirds0:18

It's wonderful to expose your child to all kinds of music!  Below you'll find classical, jazz, bluegrass and even

a pop song from the 70's! 

Just a few more songs!

Click on the singing note to download a pdf of all of the songs.